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Hirsch & Vanhaelst

Elle sait le fort et le juste de L. Halleux« Elle sait le fort et le juste. » Œuvre de L. Halleux

The firm Hirsch & Vanhaelst combines two sets experiences and expertise: tax law and criminal defense.   

Our team of tax and criminal defense lawyers represents and assists individuals and corporations in all fields of criminal and tax law. We represent our clients at all stages of proceedings, as well as proactively through the development of strategies ahead of investigations or prosecutions. 

We have extensive experience in cross-border and complex investigations and prosecutions, as well as in negotiating settlements with tax and prosecutorial authorities. 

Thanks to our global network of international firms and highly specialised lawyers, we are able to assist and defend our clients in Belgium and abroad, and to act swiftly and efficiently. 

As defense lawyers, we are guided by an ideal of justice and fairness that is at the center of our tax and criminal law practices.