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Publications and Speaking Engagements

Publications and speaking engagements

Publications and Speaking Engagements


Morgan Bonneure: Speaker alongside Mikaël Gossiaux in the "tax and criminal procedure" cycle organised by the "Forum for the Future" Foundation, accredited by the ITAA - Institute for Tax Advisors and Accountants and 

03/02/2023 in Liège – 10/02/2023 in Louvain-la-Neuve – 17/02/2023 in Charleroi

S. Colmant : Speaker alongside F. Coton at the CUP on "professional secrecy" - protection of whistleblowers. Impact in Belgian criminal law of the law of 28 November 2022 on the protection of persons who report breaches of EU or national law observed within a legal entity in the private sector.


Speech by Michèle Hirsch in the Special Committee : "Colonial past" - Compensation

November 2022

Publication : M. Gossiaux and M. Bonneure, "Tax fraud : points of attention in tax and criminal proceedings ", Bulletin de l'Ordre des Experts-Comptables, 2022, n° 41, pp. 7 à 12 ;

Publication : M. Bonneure, ""Financial markets authority" ruling : insider trading and journalistic work ", Journal de droit européen, 2022, n°9, pp. 429 et seq ;


Speech by M. Gossiaux and M. Bonneure at the Anthémis seminar "Tax fraud : points of attention in tax and criminal proceedings”

October 2021

Publication : M. Bonneure - "Consob" judgment: insider trading and the right to silence of natural and legal persons", Journal de droit européen, 2021/08, pp. 387 et seq.

Conference Mikael Gossiaux
Taxes and me:
Your rights, privileges and obligations

Emmanuelle Debouverie
Conferences on the theme "Pouvoirs et Dérives"
La Bellone - rue de Flandre 46 - 1000 Brussels
Monday 18 June 2018 - 17 h 00 - 19 h 00
Spoke about sexual harassment and the treatment of victims by the criminal justice system.